4Life Transfer Factor® ReCall®


Targeted brain support for optimal mental functioning*

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Targeted brain support for optimal mental functioning, 4Life Transfer Factor® ReCall® is now in a bigger bottle with an improved formula. ReCall® now contains Tri-Factor® Formula, 4Life’s most advanced Transfer Factor formula. Additionally, the updated formula contains an improved form of Magnesium that is absorbed by the body better. And Bacopa extract is in a more potent form. Magnesium and Bacopa both support brain health.

Product Features

• Features Targeted Transfer Factor® to lend important support to the brain and central nervous system
• Promotes neurotransmitters to support healthy brain function

Product Details

Transfer Factor Recall provides unprecedented support for one of the most vital organs, the brain. This well-rounded formula provides 4Life’s exclusive Targeted Transfer Factor support, antioxidants, and a synergistic blend of herbal nutrients that help support and maintain brain function.

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